Welcome to MBS Career Institute

mbs photo 4MERKAZ BNOS (MBS
), an ACCREDITED HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, was founded on the principle that an educated and skilled professional has a better chance of finding meaningful employment in today’s competitive marketplace.

NOTICE: Team visit for Reaccreditation by the Middle States Commission is scheduled for Feb 20-23, 2018.

MBS creates a challenging, educational atmosphere for both traditional and non-traditional students. Here instructors and staff work closely together to provide a vocational training experience for students that seek to fulfill their dream of an exciting career.

MBS welcomes students from all walks of life and from all educational backgrounds. It is our goal to challenge individuals to develop their full potential as well as contribute as well-rounded individuals to the community at large.

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About the Institute’s Founder

Chaim Waldman is the President and Founder of the MBS which is endorsed by community, academic and civic leaders.

His current mission is to provide a post-secondary educational experience that enables students on all levels to team the skills necessary to succeed in the business world.


MBS is located in the heart of a well-preserved residential neighborhood, in close proximity to a shopping district and numerous conveniences. We are situated within short walking distance of the B1, B6 and B82 bus lines, as well as the D and M trains.


Please be aware that some information in this site may change. It is recommended that students considering enrollment should check with the school office to determine if there is any changes from the information provided. Also, this website does not contain all information. More details can be obtained by contacting our office..