Computer Specialist w/AutoCAD

Computer Specialist w/AutoCAD

Graduates will gain the necessary skills needed to be proficient in today’s modern computerized work environment.  They will learn how to effectively use commonly utilized computer software programs and to efficiently use AutoCAD to create professionally designed drawings.

Computer Specialist w/AutoCAD/ESL

This program consists of 1440 hours of the Computer Specialist with AutoCAD curriculum as listed above and 360 hours of ESL 4-6 for total course hours of 1800

Upon completion of the ESL component of the program, students will be required to take an exam before continuing with this curriculum.

Course                  Instructional Hours
Advanced AutoCAD 120
Business English:  Correspondence 60
Business English:  Oral Communications 60
Career Development 30
Client Relations 30
Concepts of Desktop Publishing 60
Fundamentals of Database Management 60
Intermediate AutoCAD 120
Internship 360
Introduction to AutoCAD 120
Introduction to Business 60
Introduction to Computers 60
Introduction to HTML and Java 120
Keyboarding I – Beginning 60
Microsoft Office 120
ESL 4-6 360