ESL Programs

ESL Levels 1-3

ESL 1 – ESL Beginning I – 120 Hrs
This beginner’s course introduces the simple present and past tenses, incorporating aural, oral, reading and writing skills, and includes greetings, articles, the alphabet and simple questions.

ESL 2 – ESL Beginning II – 120 Hrs
Working with aural, oral, reading and writing skills, students will continue with the present continuous and future tenses. Students practice short dialogues stressing pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and stress.

ESL 3 – ESL Intermediate I – 120 Hrs
This course, combining aural, oral, reading and writing skills, will include the past continuous tense and imperatives. Students will learn how to give directions, ask for information and express feelings.

ESL Levels 4-6

ESL 4 – ESL Intermediate II – 120 Hrs
While developing the four skills, students will learn the present perfect and past perfect and future continuous tenses. The course will include discussions about the U.S. government, medicine, health care and elections.

ESL 5 – ESL Advanced I – 120 Hrs
Students in this course will learn the passive voice, transition words and prepositional phrases. It includes the basics of writing a composition, using the dictionary and discussions about careers and employment requirements.

ESL 6 – ESL Advanced (Transition) – 120 Hrs
This course prepares the student for the business courses and thoughts of employment. In addition to improving grammar, students discuss various aspects of employment and work on paragraph development..