Paralegal work closely with attorneys.

It’s a great time to learn the paralegal field. As the practice of law expands, and as litigation increases, the need for paralegals tends to expand at the same time. And there doesn’t seem to be any reduction in the need for paralegals on the horizon.

You can learn how to become one of these competent legal professionals. We provide detailed, professional-level legal texts. And your instructors are experienced attorneys. We’ll teach you the practical knowledge and hands-on skills used daily in law firms.

This program consists of 600 hours and including the following courses:

Course                  Instructional Hours
Agency / Partnership 30
Contracts 30
Corporations 30
Criminal Law 30
Domestic Relations 30
Introduction to Law 30
Keyboarding I – Beginning 60
Keyboarding II – Intermediate 60
Legal Research 60
Litigation 60
Real Property 60
Torts 30
Wills, Estates, Trusts 30
Word Processing Operations 60